Suzlon share priceSuzlon share price: An In-Depth Analysis of Recent Performance

Suzlon share price: An In-Depth Analysis of Recent Performance

Suzlon is a big company that helps make energy from the wind. People all over the world are starting to use more wind energy because it’s better for the Earth. Let’s talk about why Suzlon’s share price is going up, what they’re doing, and what it means for everyone.

Recent Share Price

Right now, Suzlon’s share price is ₹42.90. That’s a big increase, 43.39% more in the last month and a super impressive 114.72% more over the last year.

Why is the Share Price Going Up?

  1. Better Money Stuff: Suzlon is doing really well with money. They’re making more and more money, and that’s making their share price go up.
  2. People Want Clean Energy: More and more people want energy that doesn’t hurt the Earth. Suzlon is good at making clean energy from the wind, and that’s making their share price go up too.
  3. Help from the Government: The government is helping Suzlon by giving them things like tax breaks and incentives. This makes Suzlon’s clean energy cheaper compared to other types of energy.

What’s Next for Suzlon?

Things are looking good for Suzlon. More and more people want clean energy, and Suzlon is good at providing it. They’re also getting better with money, so their share price might keep going up.

Numbers to Know

  1. Market Capitalization: ₹11,497.65 crore (That’s how much Suzlon is worth in money).
  2. P/E Ratio: 103.17 (This is a fancy number that tells us how much people are willing to pay for Suzlon’s shares).
  3. P/B Ratio: 42.30 (Another fancy number showing how much Suzlon is worth compared to what it owns).
  4. Return on Equity (ROE): 1.83% (This tells us how good Suzlon is at making money from its own money).
  5. Debt-to-Equity Ratio: 1.00 (A number showing how much money Suzlon owes compared to how much it owns).

Good Things about Suzlon

  1. They’re Everywhere: Suzlon is known all over the world for helping with wind energy.
  2. Lots of Wind Turbines: They have many types of wind turbines to make energy.
  3. Many Orders: Lots of people want Suzlon to help them with clean energy.
  4. They Care about Earth: Suzlon is committed to making energy without hurting the Earth.

Wind Energy Around the World

People all over the world are using more wind energy. India, Europe, and the United States are big players in this. This means more countries are using wind to make their energy.

What Smart People Say

People who know a lot about money and business think Suzlon is doing great. They say Suzlon is in a good position to make even more money because people want clean energy.

Things to Be Careful About

  1. Rules from the Government: Sometimes, the government makes rules that can affect Suzlon.
  2. New Technology: Things are always getting better. New inventions might change how Suzlon works.
  3. Weather Matters: Sometimes, the weather can affect how well wind energy works.

In Conclusion

Suzlon is a cool company that’s helping the world with clean energy. They’re doing well, but it’s important to know about the things that might be tricky. If you’re thinking about investing (that means putting your money in), talk to someone who knows a lot about money first.

Remember, this article is just to help you understand and not to tell you what to do with your money. Always talk to someone who knows more about it before making any decisions.

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